About Me

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Loretta Nash is a degreed professional artit. She woeks in traditional artist painting and drawing since the 1980s.

Her style is rememnistic of the old masters with a comic book twist.

Even her caractures  look like the 1920s.

Loretta Nash,  lives in West Memphis, Arkansas where she was raised. She left only to go to college in 1988-1992 to Blue Mountain College in Mississippi.

She has worked in the Greater Memphis Tennesse Area out of her studio in West Memphis.

She shows at various venues and has art around the  world .


I have had many experieces in the "real job" areas. These are a few:

  • Artist/ Portrait Photographer
  • Sub Teacher
  • Studio Manager
  • Warm Body to do the work

My "real jobs" have been for at least 10 years long so I'm in it for the long haul..


Wonderful  Pieces....